Why is WordPress the Most Popular CMS for Web Design

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Coding or Developing on CMS
CMS web design vs HTML or CSS coding! What image comes to your mind when thinking of web development?

For many of us, a web design expert is someone who spends hours writing and editing complex codes just to tailor websites to personal preferences. But, how close is this image to reality of web development nowadays? In this post, you will learn why more and more web designers are using CMS platforms such as WordPress and why this has completely changed how we build websites today.

What do we mean by a CMS?

CMS versus HTML

A Content Management System (CMS) is an online software to upload, edit and manage content displayed on a website. Before CMS existed, a web designer had to code websites for changes, add-ons or updates. Unsurprisingly, making changes to each code manually increased the possibility of distorting the entire code altogether. This is while within a CMS, the need for manual coding is facilitated or completely removed, thus making the process much more efficient and risk-free.

Where does WordPress fit into the CMS world?

Benefits of WordPress

Many developers around the globe use content management systems for building websites. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are a few popular examples that you may have come across. While Drupal and Joomla among other content management systems are doing well, no system has had as much success as WordPress. With close to 300K of the top 1M websites using this platform (BuiltWith) and more than 50,000 new ones launched daily (DMR Stats), WordPress is in a league of its own. Additionally, being an open source software, this platform offers the freedom to use, modify, build upon, and redistribute the software in any way you like.

Let’s Look into Some Interesting WordPress Facts and Stats

It is the most popular CMS used by web designers

It has a huge presence with a 51% share in the global CMS market


Thousands of WordPress themes are available for customization

Many useful plug-ins have been developed for it

Search Engines like WordPress websites

A reliable content management system is critically important for a website and its designer. This is because in addition to providing a user-friendly platform to work with, the CMS provides the code. Particularly, a good platform allows you to easily, yet securely, access and make changes to the layout, content, settings, and other back-end functions of your website.

Your CMS website can equally rank high on search engines

Content Management Systems

Some examples of well recognized WordPress websites are: Sony Music, Kim Kardashian, Time.com, TED, NBC, The New Yorker, Harvard University Gazette, BBC America. Another one is CIO.GOV, the website of the U.S. Chief Information Officer and the Federal CIO Council. This website stands out as being a central resource for information on Federal information technology.

Around 15,886,000 active websites use WordPress. 409+ million people view more than 19.6 billion WordPress pages monthly.

A CMS is a service that allows you to make changes to your website without having to make changes to its code. Given all points, building a website on a CMS is a very smart idea for a business. Besides providing a whole variety of plugins and themes, a standardized system like WordPress offers pre-installed plugin and template functions. This is very helpful if you only need to build a basic website. For more advanced designs, developers use high quality theme builders. These plug-ins enable web designers to focus on layout development, concept visualization, functionality, security, and user experience, therefore enabling efficient development of unique designs with optimal performance.

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